Love For Grime | Single




released July 2, 2014



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VITAL Wolverhampton, UK

Musician, Performer, Video Editor, Mentor


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Track Name: Love For Grime ft. (Splurgeboys)
Love For Grime [Lyrics]

Artist: VITAL

Producer: Splurge-boys

Director/Camera Op: Rushaun Caisley

Editor: Vernon Caisley

Album: Artistic Nuisance

Year: 2014

Engineered, Mastered: Vernon Caisley

[With Thanks to JDZmedia]


Oh My Goooush!!!...


Music, ah something that most high compose and put on earth, some me and you can come together, in this time


So music makes me and you come together.


He'd rather to listen to the clean music,

than the best one.

Don't tell me I don't have love for time,

Talk to them,


yo yo yo yo,

Just 'cause I don't do grime much,

man are gwarning like I don't do my job

the way man are moving me,

they can't move like us,

'cause i move concord, they can't move they're stuck.

I told man i don't move like punk,

move like drunk, me I only move righteous, "MAD!"

Now man are looking, man are copying, man are watching, now man wanna be like us.

Bare lyrics that i make d.d.d,

Man are chatting, but they don't wanna spray d.d.d,

pure lyrics wanna take d.d.d

wait d.d.d, them man are teef's I don't rate d.d.d

"Oh Nooo"

I don't rate none of them lot,

electric flows that I send, 'WATTS'

started from the bottom, now man are on top,

Bredda's out here know, I can't be stopped!!

I grew up on man, round my area,

I grew up with man, round my area,

I sat down with big yout' and Klepto,

I warned Klepto, he wouldn't hear me out.

and I aint got a V.O yet,

I still feel stressed,

last time we sat down for a meal yeah,

I told him use your head, don't got back in there.

"R.I.P DepzMan"

Its all real, too real, so real

too many die, too very young, too many need to know that this game is real

so give me a moment of silence,

for all my writers and rhymers,

we don't want to hear no sirens,

'cause after that its pure silence.

Give thanks that my mom beat cancer,

Lost Mac Mac, she gave the Answer,

She said "self hate won't clear the anger",

and now my dad 'Warnt me fi tun rasta'

GOD BLESS, I've got good news,

and i won't up with some good food,

I checked facebook and twitter,

then i sent a message to bless everybody in the hood too,

Dads a Chef, so I should too,

so I'm in the stud's and I cook food

Moms a nurse, so I bless peeps

when i heal peeps, with my blessed tunes

Some man try say they don't get me!?

I'm like cool fam, 'I DONT GET YOU'

' Hhh..'

Them must warnt mi fi let loose

... them kind of man I don't, Take, Too!

The judge told me its all gone away,

I said, what? its all gone away

I had 5 months of stress all on a plate,

all because of one cold night

all because of one dumb fed

all because of what he said

Im just blessed I never followed no

stereotype and acted like no fool instead

'Give Thanks'


"Let me tell my story,

told breddas I don't move balamory,

I can switch and make the scene get gory,

got breddas that do greeze, and they'll do it for me"

Yo, let me go, let me spit, let me start,

I can spit lyrics like straight from my heart,

I aint gotta write nothing down I'm down,

I aint gotta write nothing down I'm heard.

I aint wrote a bar, in about 9 months,

I stay blessed because of the most highs love,

most of these guys, they wanna rhyme like us.

but REALLY!!


'Don't lie to your self,

manna real badman don't lie to your self

man move like this don't lie to yourself

real lyrics that you spit, don't lie to yourself'

like pause [1]

like mad! [2]

like MAD!! [3]

LIKE MAD!! [4]


Don't tell me I don't have Love For Grime